Munro TeleSett
Hydraulic control - post driver

TeleSett Digger Driver

“Features a telescopic frame for driving bigger, taller posts.”

The Munro TeleSett machine features an exclusive option to extend the driver frame hydraulically. This frame-extension gives greater driver drop height and is important for setting tall or large posts, but with the frame retracted the machine is compact and has a low-center-gravity. The TeleSett model retains all the features of our MultiSett machine plus adds a telescoping frame.

In its retracted form, the TeleSett is hardly taller than a MultiSett. Extending the frame for tall post capability is achieved with no sacrifice in power, rigidity or stability. Tall posts are driven with the same ease and accuracy as short posts. The telescopic frame extension can be stopped anywhere in its movement range and can be adjusted at any time during use by operating a single hydraulic-control lever. When extended, the frame is hydraulically locked - there can be no creep or jamming while working. The telescopic frame can also be used for pulling posts using the power and control provided by hydraulics.

Because of the additional driver height when the frame is extended, the TeleSett requires tractors 60HP or greater, or a large skidsteer loader for stability.

Advantages of the TeleSett are

  1. Greater clearance under the driver for tall posts
  2. Increased drop height for large-diameter posts or extra tough driving conditions
  3. Low center of gravity for travel.

No one else provides these advantages using a hydraulic telescoping frame.

Post driver on Skidsteer
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