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Post Driver Tractor SideShiftSideShift Unit

“SideShift unit speeds alignment; move the machine, not the tractor.”

Adding a SideShift unit to either our MultiSett or TeleSett Digger Driver is the total solution for flexible, fast, high-capacity post setting. The benefits of the SideShift are obtained both when building new fence and while repairing existing fence.

The SideShift option mounts the DiggerDriver sideways with respect to the tractor. Hydraulics allow the operator to slide (side shift) the Digger Driver for alignment, rather than moving the tractor. The extended range of travel is 30 inches, and the driver center would then be positioned 48 inches from the tractor drawbar.

When retracted, the tractor can be driven beside an existing fence with the Digger Driver retracted away from posts and wires. When fully extended (side-shifted), the DiggerDriver is outside the tractor's rear wheel and positioned in the fenceline. After setting the new post, the DiggerDriver quickly retracts back inside the tractor wheel, and the tractor can again drive straight down the fence line.

When building new fence or setting guard-rail posts, the side-shift’s 30-inches of travel allows the DiggerDriver to be accurately positioned at the push of a hydraulic-control lever. The SideShift speeds fencing by greatly reducing the time required for exact alignment.

Post driver on Skidsteer
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