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Auger safety chuck


“Safety is of vital concern to us and must always be the primary focus of the operator.”

Machine operators must become familiar with all instructions and warnings in owner's/operator’s manual and all safety information on the machine’s warning labels.

Each of our hydraulic controls use spring-back centering to stop the action immediately whenever the control lever is released.

Safety guards are provided to help protect the operator from touching moving or dangerous parts of the machine during operation, yet still allow effective operation. Never operate the machine without all safety guards in place. Keep helpers and bystanders well away from the machine during operation: both pilot-hole digging and post driving.

Do not use the Digger if either the auger or cutter is worn or damaged. Use only the auger retention pin supplied; never substitute another bolt or pin that prevents the safety collar from completely covering the pin.

Operators should wear protective eyewear, headgear, and hearing protection.

Post driver on Skidsteer
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Pilot hole drill

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