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2009 Price List

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The MultiSett fence-post setting machine with a 8-ft 6-in clearance under the driver for 3 point tractor (or skidsteer mounting with an optional mounting plate). Features all-hydraulic operation including digger, 4-way tilt-adjustments, and lifting of the driver.



The TeleSett machine has all the features and functions described above for the MultiSett machine, but includes our unique hydraulic telescoping frame for driving taller and larger posts (11-ft clearance).


SideShift Unit

Add a SideShift unit to either the MultiSett or TeleSett post-setting machine.


Accessories and Options

Accessories and Options


PTO Power Pack #1 includes PTO hydraulic pump, steel oil reservoir, and filters for a machine WITH a SideShift unit (oil reservoir is attached to SideShift unit)


PTO Power Pack #2 includes PTO hydraulic pump, steel oil reservoir, and filters on a machine WITHOUT a SideShift unit (oil reservoir is attached directly to the machine)


Universal Skidsteer Mounting Plate using special short-stroke cylinder


Flow controller and hoses for skidsteer loaders or tractors with unregulated flow (greater than 10-12 gpm)


Extra pinch bar for straightening posts


Custom-built driver extension (still allows digger use) and post guide for guard-rail posts (drives to 20-inches)

Call for Custom Pricing

Adapter to allow auger motor to screw in auger-type (blade) anchors (Deadman anchors)


Hex Tube auger adaptor (Required for use with original Australian square drive diggers


Augers* (Let Us Know About Your Ground Conditions and Post Sizes. We'll Help You Choose The Appropriate Auger Size And Cutter Style)



Hex Size

Clay Cutterhead Hardfaced

FishTail Cutterhead

Chunky Carbide

Mining Bit


DP Cutterhead


5-T Cutterhead


3-1/2" 1-1/8"      
4-1/2" 1-1/8"  
6" 1-1/8"  
7" 1-5/8"        
8" 1-5/8"      

Ordering Terms

Full Payment for Machine Accessories, Shipping Charges, and Taxes (If applicable) Due Before Shipping (or at Time of Delivery.)

For Special Orders: 30% of the price of the machines, parts and augers is required to initiate special orders. Final 70% Payment, Delivery Charges and Taxes (If applicable) Due before Shipping (or at Time of Delivery).


a: All Prices listed are retail FOB Rapid City, South Dakota, but do not include applicable sales tax or delivery charges. Machines delivered beyond a reasonable driving distance from Rapid City-area are shipped by motor-freight and shipping charges are billed at cost. Customers may pick up their machines in Hermosa , South Dakota to avoid delivery charges (SD State sales tax will apply.) Machines with SideShift unit shipped by truck freight require final assembly by customer.

b: All prices are subject to change without notice.

c: Mounting variations (other than Tractor Category I and II, 3-point hitches) are at additional cost.

d: Six-month parts and labor warranty, subject to inspection for abuse and damage beyond normal wear and tear (Return freight at customers expense).

e: All commercial components (pumps, motors, cylinders, valves) carry suppliers' warranties.

f: Modifications to machines without written consent of Munro Industries, Inc. will void the warranty.

g: Damage during shipment to customer must be detailed in writing, and the carrier and Munro Industries notified within 7 days to be eligible for insurance claim.

h: Information in operator's manual, brochures, safety labels, or in oral statements is subject to change without notice.

Contact Information

Leo or Levi Van Sambeek

Munro Industries, Inc.

381 Fairgrounds Place

Hermosa, SD 57744

Phone: 605-255-4356 (Leave Message for Call Back)

Fax:     605-255-4939


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