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Fence Post Augers and Cutters

All fence post augers have carbide-tipped cutting faces and heavy-duty flighting. The cutters are fully replaceable to maximize the life of the auger. A variety of cutters is available including rock cutting bits. All augers will drill to a depth of at least 45 inches (1140 mm).

Available auger sizes are
13/4, 21/2, 33/4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 81/2, 10, 12, & 14 inch diameter.

The 13/4 inch (45mm) diameter is used for drilling limestone and shaley rock.

PTO Hydraulic Power Pack

For tractors without suitable remote hydraulics, a self-contained hydraulic power pack is available that includes PTO driven pump, oil reservoir, filters, and hoses. This option is also a convenient way to avoid open-center versus closed-center hydraulic issues, if more than one tractor might be used to run the Digger Driver. A self-contained hydraulic power pack is also available for skidsteer loaders and excavators.

Extra Heavy Driver

Although not usually required, up to 200 pounds (100 kg) additional driver weight is available for extremely difficult driving conditions.

Special Purpose Machines

A driver extension and post-guide combination is available for setting guard-rail posts.


Post driver on Skidsteer
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