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What Munro-Digger-Driver Owners Have To Say:

1)  “My most satisfying experience with my Digger Driver is the amount of posts we can put in in a day. I am able to cut labor cost because of production increase on big jobs. The reward from this is more successful bidding of contracts.” - Doug Steffen, Steffen Fencing, Gregory, SD (605) 835-9139 (fencing contractor with tractor-mounted MultiSett after building about 100 miles of fence)

2)  “At first I thought the machine was expensive, but after the 1st mile of fence I knew I couldn’t have built it as efficiently and effortlessly with anything other than the Digger Driver. (Price would be nice if it came down though!)” - Anonymous, Wyoming (fencing contractor with tractor-mounted MultiSett after 26 miles of fence with 10,000 posts)

3) “The pilot hole lets me drive posts where I would not even attempt them otherwise. A real time and  work saver for building cross fences in this drought area.” – Rancher, Wyoming

4) “The driver is aggressive enough to pound even 8-inch diameter buffalo-fence corners using the 6-inch auger for pilot holes. I would never have believed it until we did it. Now after driving 1000s of posts with the Munro, I can not believe we used to dig holes and tamp posts.” – Bison Rancher, South Dakota with side-shift mounted TeleSett on tractor.

5) “We paid for this machine in the first week on our first job.” – Fence Contractor, Pennsylvania

6) “We have had to add hard surfacing to the auger flighting, but otherwise the Digger Driver is really working for us even in our rock.” – Rancher, Hawaii (MultiSett)

7) “I can not believe the durability of the Munro Digger Driver. We drive corral posts, oil-field pipe, and railroad ties everyday, all day, and it just never breaks down. Hydraulic seals and o-rings are simple to replace even in the field. The digger is powerful despite its small package.” – Fence Contractor, South Dakota (skidsteer-mounted TeleSett)


Post driver on Skidsteer

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