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Frequently-Asked Questions about the Munro-Digger-Driver:

1) Must you drill a pilot hole for every post?

No, if the ground conditions are such that the post can be easily driven (for instance in the springtime when the soil is moist), then leave the Digger stowed off to the side where it is secure and out of the way. Use the Digger Driver as a very capable straight post pounder. Yet, the Digger is immediately available when needed.

2) Can you get the Digger Driver with a post holder?

No, we intentionally do not offer a post holder. Correcting a crooked post has to be done while the post is being driven, and some degree of over-correction must be used. We supply a special bar that allows the operator to move the post while driving. The operator can over-correct as necessary and modify the driving energy to ensure the post is perfectly straight when driven to the desired depth.

Is such a manual adjustment by the operator required for every post? Again no, mostly such adjustment is required in rocky ground. Otherwise, the post will just follow the pilot hole, which was drilled straight and plumb.

3) Is a pilot hole required to drive oil-field pipe?

No, a pilot hole is not required. In rocky ground we will sometimes drill a small-diameter probe hole (13/4-inch diameter) to determine if we will encounter a rock with the pipe. If we run into rock, then we move a few inches and probe again to see if we will miss the rock. Probing ensures clear passage and avoids starting to drive a pipe and then having to pull the pipe if it solidly hits a rock.

4) Why is the Munro Digger Driver so expensive compared to some other post pounders?

The Munro Digger Driver is not always more expensive. When we are, it is because of one of these reasons. First, the Munro Digger Driver price includes a complete hydraulic pilot-hole digger and a post driver. Second, we do not scrimp on the hydraulic controls; this adds up because the machine is all-hydraulic including the digger, 4-way tilting, direct lifting of the 500-700 pound hammer, and optional side shifting and telescopic frame extension. Third, over the past 40+ years when problems were identified in the machine s operation or durability, Munro engineered in sound and simple solutions. The Digger Driver has numerous structural elements that appear, at first glance, to be superfluous, but they are there specifically to either strengthen the machine or simplify its use.

5) Where is the Munro Digger Driver built?

Since 1963 the Munro post-setting machine has been built in Ballarat, a city in Victoria, Australia, about 90 minutes outside Melbourne. In 1999, South Dakota-based Munro Industries began importing machines from Australia and selling them throughout North America. In 2005, Munro Industries began subcontracting for domestic fabrication of the MultiSett model with complete encouragement of the Australians under a royalty-based, exchange of technical drawings and engineering support. We expect to begin domestic fabrication of the TeleSett model in 2006. Important is the fact that all Digger Drivers whether built in Australia or in the USA have the full 40+ years of engineering and field experience built into them.

6) Are used machines ever available?

We occasionally have used machines (from contractor trade ins) and demonstrator-machines available. Call to see if we do. The used contractor machines might not be pretty because they have been used hard; but they are mechanically sound and we go through them thoroughly before sending them back out. Typically, used machine prices whether from us or from sales by our customers have averaged 85% of new price; a remarkable testimony to the fact that these machines retain their value. Compare that to the depreciation you see evidenced at farm auctions where post pounders sometimes sell for less than scrap metal prices!

7) Where do I get spare parts, repair parts, and replacement augers?

Munro Industries in Hermosa, South Dakota stocks an inventory of spare and repair parts and a full line of replacement augers and cutters. Munro in Australia advises us on what to stock relative to the number of machines operating  we keep that suggested inventory on hand. Occasionally we have to have something air freighted from Australia directly to a customer, but that is rare. Frankly, the amount of repair parts we sell is relatively small.

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