Post driver fencing made easy
Skidsteer Fence Post Driver

Munro Digger Driver:

Pilot Hole Digger and Post Driver.


“Munro’s post-setting machines have won the acclaim and enthusiasm of all who use them - ranchers & farmers, commercial fencers, and contractors.”

Select the Munro Digger Driver if you want:

1.      Capability to drive posts in hard, dry, rocky, and even frozen ground

2.      40+ years of  field-proven durability and simplicity of design

3.      All-hydraulic operation (no cables, springs, or counter weights)

4.      Total operator control of post-driving impact force and post straightness

5.      Telescopic driver frame, side-shifting, and hydraulic power options.

Two models of the Munro Digger Driver are

o MultiSett our basic post-setting machine suitable for most fencing jobs.

o TeleSett a larger, more-powerful, model for tall and large posts

Post Driver on Skidsteer
Fencing has undergone a Revolution!

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Pilot hole digger

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